A little bit about us.

Whats is the Canopus?

Canopus is the first decentralized galactic network protocol in Avalanche Ecosystem which is mainly focused on stability, improvement of transaction speed and reducing the transaction fee to the nearest minimum while aiming to be the fastest solution on micropayments ( best among equals). With these, there is no better solution than the Canopus solution.
$OPUS Specification
  • Name: Canopus
  • Symbol: OPUS
  • Network: Avalanche C-Chain & Binance Smart Chain
  • Spec: ARC20 & BEP-20
  • Precision: 18
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Contract Address: 0x76076880e1EBBcE597e6E15c47386cd34de4930F

Canopus Solution

As complex and far-reaching as the aforementioned problems are, the solution to the fundraising problem is quite simple. Canopus will offer the following features:
  • Low volatility
  • Safe Applications
  • Faster completion
  • Intuitive design
  • Less expensive transactions with higher throughput
  • Ability to move assets between blockchains
While the solution actually looks pretty elegant on paper, it was shackled by the available technology, right up to the Avalanche. Canopus is a decentralized galactic network protocol that will offer token pools and auctions, allowing teams to raise funds for their projects in a permissionless and compliant environment using the Avalanche blockchain. We will allow the creation and ownership of swap pools based on stable and flexible token prices. Our Pools offer projects several advantages over current models, for example:
  • Stable price
  • Predictable results
  • More informed investors
  • Reliable and compatible
  • Fair distribution of tokens
  • Positive community opinion
  • In addition to token sale - OTC trading, auctions, whitelisted sales
Conclusion Ultimately, secure, fast and transparent fundraising that empowers the right teams will help move the space forward. Canopus is an investor-focused platform that supports rather than confuses members by offering an environment in which everyone wins. Our culture is built on rewarding innovation and talented teams that deliver real value through rewarding apps and forward-thinking development.


Becoming the most influential project in the world by overcoming the gap between the traditional financial market (Fiat) and decentralized financial market (De-Fi) is a mission embarked upon by the project. This we do by always looking at new ways of trying to surpass customers’ expectations by providing the best products and services, the best way we know-how. Thus, the need to create our values and welcome you to the Canopus network world.


We are always looking at new ways of trying to exceed customers’ expectations by providing the best products and services, the best way we can.


Our values are built on a relationship of trust, simplicity, and integrity, where everyone freely expresses themselves for fruitful cooperation. These help us to expand collectively and create innovative solutions, which improve the development of our products and provide our customers with the highest order of optimum service.

What products are available and in the works?

The following are some examples of work that are already in progress by the Canopus team at the time of writing:
Canopus Bridge
Canopus DeFi App
Canopus Plastic Card
Canopus DEX App

Canopus Chain Bridge

Bridge Development

The bridge allows two economically independent and technologically different chains to communicate with each other. They can range from centralized and reliable to decentralized and with minimal trust. One of the currently available solutions is ChainBridge, a modular multi-directional blockchain bridge built by ChainSafe. The ChainBridge implementation is now available in Canopus, which connects the Avalanche C-Chain and BSC.
For more details please visit the below page.

Canopus DEFI APP

Coming Soon

Additional information about Canopus Network

For additional information feel free to refer to our White Paper.
If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach the Canopus team in the telegram group.