Plastic Card

We'll offer virtual, physical, and even metal cards for our customers.

Bridging the centralized finance (Fiat) and the decentralized finance (De-Fi) gap requires a cryptocurrency that can do a fantastic job in that aspect which is where the Canopus tokens come in, to solve customers’ problems such as:

  • The lack of developed infrastructure for accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment;
  • The collection of significant foreign exchange fees (up to 4% of the purchase amount), by financial institutions, when spending abroad using conventional fiat debit or credit cards
Owning the Canopus tokens (be it on the Canopus Plastic Card or the Canopus Plastic Virtual Card) affords you the following:
  • Cashback up to 4% back in a highly liquid token with great potential for price growth;
  • Limitless possibility to pay with Canopus token using instant conversion to Fiat payment;
  • Spending abroad at ideal interbank exchange rates – no margins;
  • Large selection of discounts and offers from VISA card; and of course
  • A beautifully designed Canopus card.
Canopus Plastic Card Design